What you need to know about screen protectors

Smartphones are very expensive, not many people can simply buy a replacement after their phone’s screen got scratched. So, if you don’t want to have scratched or damaged phone screen, you need to protect it, and here’s when screen protectors come into play.

What is a screen protector?

As you can get it by the name, screen protectors are such accessories for smartphones that are designed specifically to keep the screen from damages. Basically, they are sheets of transparent material that are fixed on the screen to protect it.

Are there many types?

There are different types of said material, hence, there are different types of screen protectors. We can roughly divide screen protectors into three categories based on what they are made of.

PET film screen protectors

PET means “polyethylene terephthalate” – a multipurpose plastic material. These films are the cheapest types of screen protectors; they mostly protect from small scratches but would be useless against major damages.

TPU screen protectors

TPU is another plastic material similar to PET, thermoplastic polyurethane. It offers not only scratch resistance, but also flexibility, toughness, and oil and grease resistance. TPU screen protectors are safer than PET films drop-wise.

Tempered glass screen protectors

This is the most secure type of screen protectors. Tempered glass protectors are the toughest, but also the most expensive. They include, of course, a tempered glass, as well as a layer of PET film and a shock-absorbent silicone sheet at the bottom. They will protect your phone’s screen from any damage but will make it look bigger.

All these types of protectors are valuable. However, tempered glass protectors provide better protection against all kinds of damages, leaving your phone’s screen intact. Here is a great selection of the most effective screen protectors.  

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