Recent trends for phone cases

Primary function of phone cases is, of course, protection. You don’t want your brand-new phone to get scratched or damaged by accident, so you need a case. However, they are also used to change your phone’s ‘appearance’. Phone cases are just like clothes for phones, and there are certain fashion trends for them as well. Here are some of the trendiest cases.


Minimalism is a trend in many areas, including phone cases. Minimalist cases range in their styles, the most minimalist are transparent ones – they don’t hide your phone’s initial look but still serve for protection. Monotone cases also fit into the minimalist category, so if you want to have something more interesting than simply transparent case, go for them.


Geometric patterns are popular both in clothes, in interior design, and, of course, in phone cases. They fall into minimalist category a bit, but still offer a more unique design. The best combination for geometry themed cases would be with marble patterns, like this one for Huawei.

3D Decorations

Phone cases always considered to be unnoticeable addition to cell phones to protect them, but then they developed into something more like accessories, with bright colors and various patterns. Now there’s something more that is used in phone cases designs – 3D decorations. Cases with 3D elements might be less comfortable to put in pockets, but they are undoubtedly captivating.


And, lastly, multi-purposefulness is another trend among phone cases, for they have to be not only beautiful but useful too. The most popular type of multipurpose phone cases is a wallet. It can be a flip case with inner pockets for money and cards or a separate wallet-like pocket that uses magnet to attach to the phone.

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